Friday, February 10, 2012

Y6 MultiWiiCopter: Part V - Wiring the ESC's

This is my journal of the Y6 MultiWiiCopter build process. I do not claim to be a technical writer, nor an expert of advanced model engineering, and my goal for this blog post is to post images of my copter through construction and attach some notes of my successes and failures along the way, in hopes of helping others as they put together their copters. Please use my techniques and decisions at your own risk.
Having a "helping hands" for soldering is essential. Please note that the instructions for the Y6 assume that you do not have the MultiCopter Distribution board. This power board was included with my kit, so the pictures below show how I wired power for all my components.
This is the wiring of the XT60 connectors that will connect to the lipo battery.

I am not an expert on soldering, so will not presume to try and teach it here. Recommendation is to use flux paste so that you can fir and solder the connections properly.

The XC60 connection dongle attached to the power distribution board.

I originally decided to use the quick connectors which would connect to the ESC's, but eventually changed this and connected the ESC's directly to the board, and thus shortening the wires creating a cleaner install.

The gold connectors on the motor wiring are sealed with heat shrink.

I realized that this was just a big mess of wires, and not necessary. I also saw the methods used by other Y6 users on the RC Forum, which enlightened me.

Here is the updated and final wiring to the Power Distribution board with wires organized.

Put the copter together to get a feel for how big it was, without the props.

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  1. Is the braiding of the ESC wires for a clean look, or to limit interference, or both?