Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY eMotimo Turntable

eMotimo sells an accessory for the TB3 called the Turntable for use with product photography, stop motion, or video.  Using parts from servocity, I was able to make my own DIY version of the turntable.  I purchased the stepper motor from stepperonline, and the 8mm to 6.35mm coupler off ebay.  Otherwise the rest of the parts are Actobotics parts from Servocity.

To have the ability to mount this to any tripod, I used a combination NEMA 17 mount and 1/4" threaded screw plate attached directly to the base of the 51:1 geared stepper motor.

Here you see the complete turntable rig attached to a Mefoto Day trip tripod.  I used a piece of wood that I had CNC'd for this project as the table, and attach some non-stick shelf lining using spray adhesive.

The wood "table" was attached to the bottom using wood screws and an Actobotics flat bracket D.  Using a hub mount, flanged ball bearings, 1/4" d-shaft, a set screw hub, and a 1.5" aluminum channel, I was able to mount the top part of the rig to the planetary stepper motor using a planetary mount.  Please be advised that the Actobotics planetary gearmotot mount B does not fit any of the stepper motors that I've purchased from eMotimo or stepperonline.  I'm not sure if there metric version of the planetary mount, but the one I had looked like it was made for a specific motor sold by servocity.  I was able to drill deeper into the aluminum to make it work, but had to make modifications to the part.  Using a NEMA 17 mount would probably be a better option without having to do any drilling.  Servocity also does not sell a 6.35mm (1/4") to 8mm coupler, so I bought mine form ebay.  I like this version, as it has set screws on both sides of the coupler for a tighter grip on the d-shaft.  

The entire rig including postage cost less than $100, and postage for all the parts was almost $30.  

Here is a test time lapse using the DIY turntable.  I had the camera on automatic white balance, so there is some flickr in the shots.  I just wanted to see how it worked.  Another great DIY accessory for the eMotimo TB3 and my photography toolbox.   Drink Wisconsinbly!


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