Saturday, November 30, 2013

DIY: Dual GoPro 'Rotor" Helmet Mount

I've seen a couple of DIY rotor mounts on the GoPro user forum, and a commercial version like the Rhino Swivel, but I wanted to try and build my own.  This is a method for getting unique footage from a GoPro camera.  I've built other unique rigs from the GoPro, like a Scorpion Mount, but this one intrigued me enough to go for it. has new Actobotics parts that looked like it would work great for this project.  Most of the rotor mounts that I've seen are for a single GoPro camera using counterweights on the opposite side.  Since I have 2 GoPro HD Hero 3 cameras, balancing one on each end of a pole makes balancing easy.  I used an old ProTec helmet, a section of a carbon fiber pole normally used in my Pole Aerial Photography rig, and the Actobotics parts.  Using 2 GoPro HD Hero 3 Cameras will allow for recording using different setting at the same time, or having one do video and the other images.

The red tripod is only being used to hold the helmet up, and is for display purposes only.

Here are the parts from I used:
Other GoPro Parts:
Miscellaneous Parts:
  • Pole - Mine was a Carbon Fiber Pole
  • Gaffers Tape
  • Zip Ties
  • Helmet
  • 1/4" Bolt & Nut
I drilled 2 holes in the FCS surf mount which will be used with Zip Ties.  I don't have any plan on using this mount for an actual surf board, so no harm adding the holes.

I used a bit a gaffers tape at the end of the pole and attached the FCS mount using zip ties.  

Here is the Actobotics mount fully assembled with the 1/4" round screw plate attached directly to the swivel hub, which is attached to the flat channel bracket, and finally the PVC clamps.  

This mounts to a 1/4" hex screw on the top of the helmet.  

Here is an alternative method for attaching the GoPro to the end of the pole using a section from the Front Helmet Mount.

The Actobotics mount on top of the old protec helmet.

I added an additional link to the fat end of the pole for the alternative mount for stability.

The pole is 59" long with the balance point being not exactly half way.  25" from the center of the helmet mount to the camera on one side, and 29" on the other.  

I did some test footage in my kitchen.  I hope to use this rig on a bike, or maybe in the water on a Flyboard! It's probably one of the most crazy rigs I've created, and will probably get some looks from others.  Until I recover from my latest back surgery, I'll just have to have others ride with it.


  1. That is a pretty crazy mount. Your dogs don't seem to know what's going on.

  2. Check out this commercial swivel mount out;