Saturday, November 24, 2012

DIY Camelback GoPro Scorpion Mount

I've seen a number of different scorpion mounts, and always wanted to make one for myself for Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, Snowboarding, or whatever. I decided to go with Aluminum pole with a pipe flushmount attached to a board in an old Camelbak pack. I think it turned out well, and hope to try it this winter. Walking around my house with it is not all that cool, nor exciting.

  1. Add Salt/Sand to Aluminum pipe and seal at both ends to prevent a kink in the pipe while bending.
  2. Bend 
  3. Add wood dowels to the first 6 inches of the aluminum pipe on each end.
  4. On the GoPro End, screw a used curved helmet mount into the wooden dowel. 
  5. Use dremel to widdle away plastic on GoPro Horizontal Surface Quick-Release Buckle to fit into the curved mount over top of new screw.
  6. Fit body end of the aluminum pipe into a 3" pipe attached to flush mount. 
  7. Cut pine board the shape of the inside of your camelback pack. (Obviously, the water pouch is out...)
  8. Insert board into pack, and drill flushmount to board.
  9. Voila! Scorpion mount. Lightweight, and stable enough if the pack is tight.

I plan on adding some set screws or similar to the aluminum/wooden dowel on the top, and the same for pipe/aluminum pipe/dowel on the bottom to prevent twisting. It doesn't twist now, but I would assume that during whatever sporting activity, it might. I will probably also come up with some type of tether, and wrap that around the pole as well. I also plan on getting some beefier screws to hold down the flushmount to the plywood, but it's fine for now.



Of course, Maximus wanted to test out the Scorpion mount too...

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