Friday, February 10, 2012

Y6 MultiWiiCopter: Part I - The Parts

This is my journal of the Y6 MultiWiiCopter build process. I do not claim to be a technical writer, nor an expert of advanced model engineering, and my goal for this blog post is to post images of my copter through construction and attach some notes of my successes and failures along the way, in hopes of helping others as they put together their copters. Please use my techniques and decisions at your own risk.

Everyone knows that Carbon Fiber is light and strong, and that helps sell the copters from the MultiWiiCopter site. However, it's difficult to appreciate the craftsmanship and the beauty of the parts until you get one in your hands. The decks are cut from 3K Weave Carbon Fiber plates at 2mm thick, and include the signature Scarab logo.

The boom holders fit perfectly into the decks using metric M2 screws and stainless steel shafts.

Naturally, I wanted to see how all the pats fit together, so I did some construction out of order from the build instructions, but recommend that you get familiar with all of the parts and organize everything.

The engine mounts are also Carbon Fiber, and they instruct you to use CA glue to strengthen the bond by running a bead of Thin-Cyno along the edge of the carbon to have adhesive seep into the fiber.

My kit came with the new version 2 engine lock and heatsink, and their purpose is to secure the engines to the booms. The aluminum design combined with the carbon fiber engine mounts create a solid platform for your engines. I think that the red adds to the look of the copter, and the design is very secure.

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