Sunday, November 27, 2011

DIY: Open Air "Photo Booth" - Overview

DIY Open Air Wireless Internet-enabled "Photo Booth" with Slide Show

Each section of this project is separated into different blog posts. To skip the overview, use the links below to dive deeper into this project. This blog will be updated as the booth is completed and time is allocated for updating the project blog.

Part I: The Idea and Overview
I had been thinking of building a Photo Booth for a couple of years, but never seemed to get around to it. A good friend is getting married at the end of the year, and I'm am the Official Photographer for the event. In speaking with him about the wedding, he had assigned another friend of ours to create a photo booth. I had mentioned that I could help on that project as I had already done heaps of research on the subject. In chatting with our mutual friend, he was having issues coming up with reasonable solutions, and I brought up additional concerns and options.
  • Did the Bride and Groom want an actual booth, as this might limit the number of people who could participate?
  • Would an "Open Air Booth" be acceptable, this allowing groups of people to participate?
  • Would they want the booth to product prints for the guests, and potentially themselves?
It was decided that a laptop running photo booth software and capturing images from a webcam would just not be good enough for this event. I said that I would take the lead on this and come up with a plan. Here are my personal requirements:
  • Must be able to utilize dSRL Canon camera to capture great shots within the booth
  • A Booth that is portable, and can be modified to use as a booth and open with a backdrop.
  • Built-in Softbox for proper lighting
  • Must be self-sufficient and users can figure it out themselves. Not sure if we'll have an attendant at this event. (Remember, I'm the Official Photog, and can't consume my time with the booth)
  • Booth PC would be internet enabled and wireless
  • Images would be automagically uploaded to the internet as backup as they were taken.
  • Can be used as either a Photobooth or a Video Booth.

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