Friday, October 2, 2009

Joomla! - WWKP Portal

I've recently taken up a project to create a portal site for the KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) community to help track a photo token as it makes it's way around the globe. I've always recommended the DotNetNuke portal, as that is the one that I'm most familiar with. Recently, I helped a friend get a site off he ground using WikiMedia, and so many hosting providers are providing free installers for many of the free open source portals. I decided that I'd give Joomla! a try, as it has over 40,000 extensions that you can add to make the site better. Personally, I know how much I pay for my own hosting site and decided that migrating to another site would be cheaper.

The WikiMedia site, which is was loaded onto hosting. Not only was the price competitive, they claim to be 100% wind powered. Now, getting back to this site for the Kite Photography community, I thought it would be fitting to store the server using this same wind powered hosting. Eventually, I'll probably move my m2 Creative Design site to Joomla!, and over to FatCow to save some money.

I have another friend who would like to upgrade their site, and have a reservation booking system for their rental property, and Joomla! has a few modules that do just that. In less than a day, I had hosting, a new domain, and a Joomla! portal up and running. Users from the community are starting to register, and it looks to be a great fit. Here is a link to the new site:

Having experience with another portal solution can't hurt the M2 resume, and I hope to start making templates soon!

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