Friday, September 25, 2009

Epson P-7000 Hack: 500 Gb HD Upgrade

I utilize the Epson P-7000 Multimedia photo viewer for backing up my compact flash cards at weddings and events to ensure that I have multiple copies of the images I take. The unit has an awesome display, and works well for watching movies as well. It comes with an 160 Gb hard drive, which normally would be enough. However, I don't necessarily want to remove the images immediately after an event to ensure that I have enough space for the next event. Along comes a 500 Gb notebook SATA drive just dying to get installed in this device.

I initially tried a free utility called EASEUS Disk Copy, and it worked fine as a way to duplicate the drive. Unfortunately, that tool does not have anything built in to modify the configuration of each drive. The Epson P-7000 booted just fine, but it had the same amount of space as the original hard drive. I tried using Windows disk management console, and partition magic to reclaim the unused space on the drive without success. I remembered the I had upgraded a notebook hard drive a while back, and that upgrade kit came with a software package called EZ Gig II. EZ Gig II let me resize the partitions on the fly to give the Epson unit a slightly larger system boot partition, and a 463 Gb storage partition. Sweet!

What do you need? Tools needed to crack the case: 1.5mm allen wrench and 6/64 micro phillips screwdriver. External eSata/USB hard Drive dock: StarTech Dual Dock
Seagate Momentus SATA 500 GB Notebook hard drive

- You don't need these part exactly. Ez Gig II software allows you to create images as well. Having the dual dock was just nice to be able to send the copy of the drive to the new one on the fly.

500GB SATA Notebook Hard Drive.

Take the case apart:
The top comes off using the allen wrench.

Bottom comes off with small phillips, and you need to disconnect the wiring to the small speaker.

The back panel is removed by taking out the screws in the 3 corners, plus removing the rubbery grips, and unscrewing the screws hidden there. The back comes off pretty easily with these screws removed.

There is a metal housing over the internal HD that needs to be removed using phillips screwdriver.

The HD is held in place by 4 standard screws.

Voila! (463 GB's!!!)

Please note that by taking your Epson P-7000 apart, replacing the Hard Drive, and attempting to re-assemble, you are probably voiding the warranty on this expensive device. This blog serves to show that it is possible to upgrade the Hard Drive, not saying that you should do it. m2 Photography takes no responsibility if you try and perform this upgrade.
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  1. Thanks a lot for this information! I just upgraded to a 256GB SSD drive in my P-7000 and it's awesome! Thanks again!

    Andy Lee

  2. Could you provide the the original Epson Drive manufacturer and model number?

  3. Hey Andrew, did you notice copying times to be any quicker with the SSD? I'm not sure if it will be a limitation of the cpu of the P7000 or the hard drive speed for copying.

    Thanks for this great mod, very useful.

  4. What is the maximum capacity of drive that can be used - would a 1TB 2.5" be all right? I would be grateful for your advice.

    1. Yes a 1TB drive will work. Just installed on and so far running fine. I used a WD Blue 1 TB Mobile Hard Drive: 2.5 Inch, 5400 RPM, SATA II, 8 MB Cache - WD10JPVT.

  5. Great to know! I switched HDD in my old P-3000...
    Some comments on SSD performance in p-6000 or 7000, please!

  6. hi, can someone please help me, i need the copy of "system partition" image drive for my p5000, my brother was accidentally erase the partition :(
    pls send it to my email :

    thanks in advance

  7. Thanks for share this. I read it very carefully and learn a lot of effective information. I will try it when I have to do it.
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  8. Has anyone got a system image to share for the P-7000? Mine wont boot. :(

  9. Does anyone happen to have a HDD image for an Epson P-5000? The drive on mine has stopped working :(

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