Tuesday, October 20, 2009

m2 Photography Hosting WWKP Website

I have been involved in the Kite Aerial Photography community through the online KAP forum for about 10 months. Recently, one member came up with the idea to have a token, Basically an object, that is passed from photographer to photographer with the condition that the token is captured in the picture from a kite aerial photography rig. Eventually, someone created a banner, which became the token, and the first few people took pictures of it from the sky. I had the idea that we should have a way to track this token as it makes its way around the world. I offered to create a website portal for this task: wwkp.kiteaerialphoto.org was born.

I already have web hosting, but have been looking for something cheaper. I signed up for an account on Fatcow.com, which is apparently 100% wind powered, which I thought was appropriate. I obtained the domain name, web hosting, and installed the Joomla portal. After tweaking and playing around with it for a day or so, we had a base site. Now the site is almost complete with some cool features. Google maps tracking of the token, and the other KAPr's locations. Integrated flickr module to show the pics that were uploaded to the WWKP Flickr group. And a blog for KAPr's to document their experiences with the token. As more people get involved, and more photographers have their day with the token, hopefully, there will be a lot more traffic on the site. Here are some screen shots of the new site:

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