Sunday, October 18, 2009

KAP: Wind Point Lighthouse

Got home from a weekend trip to Madison and still had some daylight left for some Kite Aerial Photography. I went up the the Wind Point Lighthouse in Racine, Wisconsin for some late afternoon shadows at the lighthouse with a spectacular Lake Michigan backdrop. I originally put of the Fled, but the wind was stronger above the tree line, and quickly replaced it with the Flow Form 16. Mike, the lighthouse keeper came out to see what I was doing, and ended up being my helper for the remainder of the session. The wind was really steady, ended up being one of the more rewarding sessions of the year. The lighthouse is 108 feet high, open once a month to the public on the first Sunday of each Summer month, and has been in operation since 1880.

Click here for more images from this session at the Wind Point Lighthouse on Lake Michigan.

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