Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Quarry Lake Park: 50 Years Later

My parents were in town visiting from South Carolina recently, and my dad wanted to take a trip to Racine to view some of his former hangouts while growing up. We visited the bar that my grandparents owned, which is now a corner beauty store, the house where my grandparents lived, and his former high school. However, the most nostalgic destination was the Racine Quarry where my dad use to swim and dive each summer. The quarry has been completely filled, about 20 feet up from where it was back in the day. I remember him telling me about this place when I was younger, and it was great to actually see. He told of how the quarry was closed because a girl was killed after a fight broke out between 2 guys, and a shard from a broken beer bottle accidentally severed her jugular vein. We visited the place where he used to dive off, and said that it was about 20 feet back then, and the cliffs across the lake were close to 40 feet up. He thinks that the water is at least 120 feet deep. The water wasn't as clear as he remembers, but I think that this is a popular scuba diving location in SE Wisconsin. I snapped a few pictures while we looked around the swim area that was new to him. My dog Max got some great exercise running around on the man-made beach. He mentioned that besides the water level and the new swim area, it looks exactly the same. I wonder if some of my childhood haunts will be that vivid to me, or will the memories fade over time. Hopefully, these images will help preserve the memories, or be able share them with his brother who also frequented the Quarry.

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