Monday, September 14, 2009

Madison Wedding: Andy & Tasha

I had the pleasure of being the photographer for Andy & Tasha in Madison, Wisconsin. Andy is the brother of a friend of mine, and had requested a small amount of time to capture their special day at the State Capitol. I jumped at the chance to experience such a wonderful venue. We started at the Memorial Union Terrace for some pictures by the lake. Unfortunately, there was a Big Ten network truck parked right in the best spot on the Breakwater. We worked around that and still got some picture with the lake in the background. I had them pose in one of the giant Memorial Union Terrace chairs, while everyone was cheering them on from the upper terrace.

Andy and Tasha were very fun, and I didn't need to ask them twice to pose, as they were so into each other and soaking up a fantastic day on the terrace. With the Terrace packed on a day before a Badger Football game, I give them credit for ignoring the crowds, and enjoying their wedding day. We didn't have a lot of time in each session, but wanted to get as many pictures as possible. This particular day, I was lucky to have an assistant with me to help with lighting and haul gear. It helped getting from location to location and concentrate on the images, and not have to worry about the hear. We headed up to the State Capitol building for family pictures before the ceremony, using the Capitol itself as a backdrop. I wish we had more time to try different locations around the exterior of the building. Here is a shot inside looking up at the rotunda, with a newly married Andy and Tasha.

Although the ceremony was probably the shortest in history, in one of the darkest rooms possible, I had an amazing time. I thank the new couple for being patient and willing to try anything I wanted to shoot. I'd love to go back to Madison again to shoot in the Capitol, as there are endless places to capture some magic.

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