Monday, September 7, 2009

New PAP Rig

I got a few requests for posting pictures of my news Pole Aerial Photography rig. My original rig was homemade, but I think that this might look a bit more professional. The shur-line painters pole was purchased from Home Depot, and has a push button extend-able section. The Kasey pole adapter is necessary for any painters pole threading, and connects to a universal umbrella clamp. The Canon G9 is pictured with a wide-angle lens adapter and runs SDM (StereoData Maker) version of CHDK, running a script created by WindWatcher specifically for Kite Aerial Photography. I can use this rig with my other painters pole, which is much longer. This one will also be used for remote off-camera flash using a pocket wizard FlexTT5 and Canon 430EXII flash for weddings. Unless you are a painter by trade, you probably wouldn't know that the pole is from Home Depot, and wasn't originally intended for photography.

More pictures here.

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