Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Trek 100 - The best way to use a GoPro on a Charity Ride

The Trek100 is a charity ride to help raise money for the MACC Fund, which is dedicated to funding childhood cancer and related blood disorder research.  My wife and I, but mostly my wife, raised over $1,600 for this years' event and chose to ride the 36 mile course.  It was a hot and windy Saturday, and perfect for some GoPro HD Hero camera work.  My bike had a number of different GoPro Mounts attached, and I tried to capture as many angles as I could think of.  I used Animoto to create the video slideshow which includes images, time lapse, and video sequences.

Here are the accessories I used with the GoPro:

I received the WiFi BacPac and Remote the day before the event, and it is now my favorite accessory.  Being able to turn the camera on and off, switch modes, and remotely press the shutter was amazing on this ride.  I mounted the remote on the cross bar near the handle bars, and I was able to easily see the LCD screen to switch modes.  Each time I remounted the camera in a new position, I would grab images, video, and burst sequences.  Being able to ride with a telescoping monopod is tricky, but the low-level aerial images, along with the "near-pavement" shots are worth it.  The easiest method for capturing footage was using the seat-post mount, which gets a rear perspective.  Adobe after effects was used to create 3 to 10 second clips for upload to Animoto.  Since the GoPro captures 720p video at 60 frames per second, it allows you to slow the speed down for slow motion sequences.  After Effects can change also speed the video up for additional effect.

Click on the image below to watch the 2012 Trek 100 Video from m2 Photography.
2012 Trek 100Help Cure Childhood Cancer by Donating to the MACC Fund© Copyright m2 Photography - Michael J. Mikkelson 2012. All Rights Reserved. Images and/or video can not be used without permission.

If you'd like to help cure childhood cancer by donating to the MACC Fund, click here.

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