Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Old Sheldon Church Ruins PAP

In researching potential locations for a photo shoot in South Carolina, I stumbled across a reference to the Old Sheldon Churn Ruins, which is located in northern Beaufort County.  I had viewed the ruins from Google maps a number of times, but didn't realize how big and majestic they were until I pulled up.  I was under the impression that the old burned down church was hidden in the woods, but it is clearly visible from the highway.  I only had a couple of hours, and knew I needed to get on the road headed back to Wisconsin.  I grabbed my carbon fiber pole and Sony NEX-5 camera for some aerial shots of the ruins.  There was a professional photographer in the middle of a senior portrait shoot, and even he mentioned that the perspective on the pole was interesting.  Soon, my dog Maximus and I had the place to ourselves.  There were some tourists coming and going the entire time I was there, but many times, I was alone.   The church was built in the mid-1700's, and burnt twice, and rebuilt over the years.  The majestic live oaks surround the property with scattered graves and tombs.  I've done some searching on google images, and have yet to find any low-level aerial images of the ruins, so I hope that these are unique.

There are plants growing on the tops of the ruins in some places.

Inside the structure is the grave of Colonel William Bull, who was a collaborator in the design of the streets of Savanna.

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