Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Panosaurus, Promote Control, and Creepy Ruins...

After getting some low level aerial images of the Old Sheldon Church Ruins,  I busted out my Canon 5D Mark II with the Panosaurus and Promote Control.  Panosaurus is a panoramic tripod head that allows for vertical mounting of a dSLR camera.  I found this gem about a year ago, and was much less expensive than other panoramic mounts.  Basically, this device allows you to mount your camera  to center the nodal point so you get less distortion when capturing images that you'll stitch together into panoramic pictures.  On top of that, I also used the Promote Control, which allows for extended HDR bracketing.  The 5DMkII only lets you take 3 bracketed photos in a series, and adding the Promote Control lets met take up to 45 bracketed shots.  I usually take between 12 and 30 bracketed images.  Combining the bracketed images into a HDR picture, and then stitching each of these together to form a panoramic, gives exceptional results.

Standing at the front entrance, this gives an entirely different perspective of the pillars, which are actually in a straight row.

The back entrance, tomb, and graves.

This is an almost 360 degree panoramic of the inside of the church, looking toward the back.

Photomatix was used to create the HDR images, and AutoPan Giga was used to stitch the panoramics together.

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