Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 World Wide Kite Aerial Photography Week

Each year, the Kite Aerial Photography online community holds an event called World Wide Kite Aerial Photography week with the goal of getting out at least once during the week to attempt to capture some aerial images.  I didn't get a chance to launch over the weekend, so I made a point to get out after work tonight while it was still windy.  I went down to the Kenosha Lighthouse right before sunset, and flew with a Flowform16 and a GoPro camera.  It was very gusty, and didn't want to risk putting up a non-waterproof camera.  With some initial challenges, I was able to get some decent shots.

A 1960's Amphicar in the channel, looking to be driven by a couple of huskies.

The Kenosha Lighthouse and Lake Michigan

Young love on the Breakwater at Sunset.

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