Saturday, September 24, 2011

Creating a better family portrait, including pets.

When trying to get the perfect group shot that also includes pets, it's not always easy to get everyone to look at the camera lens at the same time. Sometimes the solution is to take multiple pictures, and use Photoship to blend 2 or more images together to create a more desirable end result.

Here is an example of Chris, Maura, and Mimi looking great, and eyes directed towards the camera. However, the 2 bigger dogs, Lex and Lee, are focused on the stairs. Even when you are using treats to get the dogs attention, it doesn't always guarantee that they will look at the same time.

However, in this image, everyone except for Mimi is looking at the camera. Solution, take the best parts of both images to create a new picture.

After a little masking, rotation, cropping, and other miscellaneous post-processing, you get a decent family portrait with attention focused on the camera.

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