Tuesday, October 11, 2011

That's Crantastic! (Aerial Views of a Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest)

It's harvest time in Wisconsin for Cranberry farms, and I was lucky enough to be invited to the Crimson Star Cranberry farm in Bancroft. It was a beautiful and unseasonably warm October day with a steady breeze, which allowed me to get out the kite from some Aerial photography. After the berries are plucked from the vines, they fill up each field with water and let the Cranberries float to the top, and then they herd all the berries to the end of the pool to be sucked up into an awaiting truck. Very organized process, and was able to see all aspects of the harvest. I also was able to get my Carp Pole out for some low-level aerial pics from closer to the ground.

Some of the berries are red, some are white, and in between. This gives the pinkish look as they are pooled together.

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