Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best way to capture photos while Kiteboarding, from the Kite!

The GoPro HD Hero cameras gives sports enthusiasts an incredible method for capturing images or video footage. However, you need to have different perspectives to make your video or images stand out. For Kiteboarding, there are many different methods for attaching the GoPro POV camera, including helmet cam, chest camera, surf pro attachment, seat post attachment on bar, and also Kite Hero line attachment. However, I think the best perceptiveness is attaching the camera directly to the kite looking down at the rider.

Using the catamaran as a launch point, here is the GoPro connected to a Liquid Force 16m kite looking down at the rider.

Originally, I tried using the Helmet strap attachment with some ball bungies to attach the camera to the kite strut. This worked, but was not optimal. I then discovered that using the GoPro wrist housing was the easiest and most secure way to attach the camera to a strut. As a safety measure, I also use a safety tether line as a backup in case the housing came loose.

Depending on the the kite, the wrist housing may not fit on the center strut. This is an example of the GoPro on the outside strut of a 9m kite.

You must ensure that you aim the camera the way you want. In this example, the camera once launched was aimed to high towards the horizon. Most of the images from this set have the rider on the edge of the photo, or not at all. If you have time, it's also great to use the intervelometer for part of the session, and then turn on video for a while. I find that the r3 setting works best as you can slow the video down for a smooth output.

In all my tests of attaching a camera to a kiteboarding kite, I've put it close to the leading edge. In the future, I'd like to try it attached to the strut furthest away from the leading edge. Also, don't forget to try this while snowkiting!

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