Sunday, September 11, 2011

Eagle Bluff Pole Aerial Photography

After seeing the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse when riding bikes through the Peninsula State Park in Door County, I knew that I needed to go back and take some low level aerial images with my carp pole. When I walked up to the rear of the facility, there was a group of people enjoying the view and the sunset, and taking images with an x-Shot extendable pole made for point and shoot cameras. I think they were impressed with the 30 foot carp pole, and I even let them put their camera on the top of my pole rig. The Eagle Bluff Light was a spot that I visited 3 times during my visit to Door County, as it's a very picturesque spot.

You can see the shadow of the carp pole in this image.

Guarding Green Bay, the Eagle Bluff Light is on the western edge of Door County on Lake Michigan.

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