Monday, May 7, 2012

"Mendota Blue" Terrace Chairs

I know that I've captured the Memorial Union Terrace from both my Kite Aerial Photography and Pole Aerial Photography rigs.  However, the Union is starting a major renovation project of both the lake front as well as some internal remodeling, and have added a new color to the palette on the terrace in the form of a "Mendota Blue" chair.  They will be auctioning these chairs off after the end of July, and I knew that I needed to get a quick session before they were gone.

Thunderstorms rolled through the Madison area all morning yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to put up the camera until 11:30 am.  But, the rain kept the terrace free of on-lookers, and I was able to get some good aerial shots.

Using Lightroom 4, I removed all color except for blue to showcase the new chair in the terrace family.

The rain kept the normal terrace crowd inside, and I had the place to myself.

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