Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gold Pyramid House!

After getting skunked in last night's KAP attempt, I looked on Google Maps this morning for a new and fresh spot to launch the Kite and camera. After browsing Lake county and a few Google searches, I came across an interesting piece of property known as the Gold Pyramid House. Once I saw the house from Google maps, I knew that I needed to go there for to capture some images. I called the number and talked with Jim Onan, the owner of this private residence, and asked for permission to come an take pictures from the kite. I think he was a bit skeptical at my technique, but was open for me to visit. I asked a friend of mine, Mac, to come along. He was essential in ensuring that the camera rig didn't crash into the ground, as the wind was really flukie today, ranging from 5 - 30 mph gusts.

Jim was nice enough to give me a private tour of the King Tut's tomb, which is a scale sized replica of the one in Egypt, sarcophagus and all! I then launched the kite and attached the goPro HD Hero and the Canon G11 on my Gryo Stabilized rig. My bad luck from the previous day caught up to me, as the transmitter was dead, left on from the previous night. I tweaked the rig so that it would at least be flyable in a static direction and got them up in the air.

Here are a few shots from the Kite Session:
There is also a 60+ foot statue of Ramses, or King Tut, depending on which website you look at.

You can see the huge statue, with the Gold Pyramid House in the background with a line of sphinx statues lined up on the driveway leading up to the house.

Here is the Gold Pyramid House, which is surrounded by a moat.

The house apparently was plated in 24k gold at one point, but Mr. Onan explained that they made him change that to something that wasn't so shiny.

After the KAP session was completed, I grabbed my regular camera to get some shots on the property. Here is one of the Sphinx statues that are lined up down the driveway.

For additional images from today's session at the Gold Pyramid House, please visit the Gold Pyramid Gallery at the m2 Photography website.

The Gold Pyramid House is located at: 37921 Dilleys Rd., Wadsworth, IL

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