Saturday, April 3, 2010

Apple iPad with Custom Vinyl Skin!

Although I have a Motorola Android phone, and anticipate the release of the wePad with Android OS, I broke down and bought an Apple iPad on the launch date. I anticipate using this not only for web browsing and e-mail, but actually for photography.

The ability to copy a portfolio of images to the device and have them appear on the specatular iPad screen will help sales and also be a nice novelty at weddings. After getting a few hours of tinkering with it, I desicded that I need to create a custom vinyl skin for the back.

I dug out the vinyl cutter from the basement and also the flatbed scanner. I scanned the back of the iPad, and created a template in Adobe Illustrator to cut out the Apple logo and iPad specs. I then added my photography logo vector art and my contact information. I realize that this won't prevent thefts, it will at least keep honest people honest. Hopefully, the vinyl skin will also help protect the back from scratches. I will need to be careful until I can get a decent sleeve to carry it around in.

Custom Vinyl iPad skins can be obtained from m2 Photography for $40 single color, and $50 for 2 colors, and have any design you want.** Contact mike (at) if you are interested in a custom vinyl iPad skin.

** Design must be submitted via vector format, or be a standard font.

What do I think of the iPad? It is really nice for surfing websites, at least the ones that don't require flash, and checking e-mail. Coming from the Android Market, spending tons of cash on apps will take some getting use to. I bought 2 apps, one for sketching and one game. The interface is nice, but I'd like it to be more like the android where I can customize it. The sample book on the backlit screen was easy to read, and will be nice as an e-book reader, or for magazines and multimedia. The Netflix app is great, as you can watch instantly right on the iPad. outside the ridiculous price for the device, I'm very happy so far with the purchase, as least until the wePad comes out.

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