Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kenosha Southport Lighthouse and Harborside Park

There was plenty of wind in the forecast today, so I packed up the KAP gear and headed down to Kenosha beach. It was a rare NNE wind direction, and I have been waiting for a day like today to capture the Southport Lighthouse in Kenosha Harbor. I launched the flowform 16, which was slightly over-powered. It's still early spring, so the colors are pretty dull and brown, but was pretty pleased with the results from both cameras.

Here is a public water fountain with a statue of Christopher Columbus atop at Harborside park in Kenosha.

The main reason for me to try this a launch was the Kenosha Electric Streetcar. I waited for the trolley to come around, and was lucky enough to capture it a few times as it passed. I think that I need to go back with my Pole Aerial Photography rig and capture that downtown.

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