Monday, January 25, 2010

Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate and GoPro HD Hero: SmartMovie

I recently purchased the Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate software to natively edit the footage from my GoPro HD Hero. Normally, I would use Adobe Premiere CS4 or Sony Vegas to edit video, but the codec used by the HD Hero didn't play nicely with either of those very well. I decided to try something new with the Pinnacle product. Although the features aren't as robust as the Adobe software, there is a feature called SmartMovie that automatically compiles your videos into a music video. Much of the HD footage from the GoPro is repetitive, so this feature really saves time when putting together a quick production.

This video also tests various mounts using the GoPro HD Hero, and my dog Maximus volunteered to help be the subject of this video. Music was proved by Eric Brown, and is titled "Backyard." There are many different settings in the SmartMovie set up, and this one was using one called "Fast Pace." What I don't like is not having the ability to go back to the point before you created the SmartMovie. Basically, before running the SmartMovie script, save your file as a different name so you can come back to it. I found that after making the movie, I wasn't able to go back to the point right before the SmartMovie. The feature does analyze the music that you want to use, and shortens the video to the length of that audio. For quick an easy video mixes, and having the ability to edit the GoPro HD Hero videos, Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate is a great choice.


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