Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lake Geneva KAP on Ice!

I headed over to Lake Geneva today to do some Kite photography, and planned on a couple of sessions. After walking about 500 yards on the glare ice, I slipped and fell on my bag. Basically, I trashed my remote for the Gyro stabilized KAP rig. I wasn't about to try and take the remote apart out on the ice, and decided that it would be better to do a AutoKAP session with my AuRiCo rig. Unfortunately, I damaged the tilt servo on that on as well. No problem, just set it up with pan and no tilt, and I'm ready to go. Well, I hooked up the G11, and the flow-form 16 was up in the air with little problem. Problem is, I didn't clear the memory card off from the previous KAP session, and only got about 100 pictures before it filled up. No problem, I happened to have my GoPro HD Hero in the bag, and set it with a 2 second intervelometer. This little camera continues to amaze me and the color that I get out of it. Here are a few pics from the Lake Geneva Session.

I decided to venture over to the Yerkes Observatory after my session on the ice. This is becoming on of my favorite places to KAP. I was also able to test out and use my new Flow Form 30, which is my biggest kite. The wind was light but stable, and I even got to attach multiple rigs. Since the memory on my G11 was full, I had my G9 in the car, and used that for main rig. I also attached my GoPro Hero with my minimalist rig. Here are some shots from the Observatory.

Additional Images from the Lake Geneva session can be found here:

Additional Images from the Yerkes Observatory session can be found here:

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