Sunday, January 3, 2010

Epson P-7000: Tethering Update

I posted a few months ago how to hack your Epson P-7000 photo viewer with a 500 Gb hard drive to increase the storage space. I just discovered that Epson has released a firmware update, although also a few months ago, that will allow camera tethering. This is great if you want to view the images automatically. It also gets you a second copy of the image. Currently, I believe that only select Canon and Nikon cameras support tethering. I downloaded the update from:

The initial testing that I performed showed pretty good performance. The transfer started almost immediately, and the files were on the P-7000 within a few seconds. When I took multiple shots, it took a bit longer, but caught up quickly.

Since the P-7000 has a bigger screen than my 5D Mark II, or 7D, with higher resolution, it will be nice to view critical shots almost instantly to ensure that they are clear and exposed correctly. I will be looking to get a second battery, as well as coming up with a mount for a tripod or monopod.

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