Sunday, August 2, 2009

KAP, New Kite in Close Quarters

The wind was up enough this morning where I got to try out my new Kite, a Fled purchased from This is normally a light wind kite, and there probably wasn't enough to get out my FlowForm 16. Plus, I was standing on the breakwater in front of the UW Lifesaving Station, and there wasn't alot of room to fly. The high aspect ratio of the fled was perfect. After an equipment malfunciton on the fled, which led to it getting wet, we were ready to fly and attach the camera. This wasn't a long session, but good to see how a different kite performed. Got a few shots of the Verex Plaza building next door with some cool reflections. My main reason for shooting here was to get another set of shots for a photo book I'm doing about the Lifesaving station. I'm fairly confident that some of these shots are perspectives that have never been seen, let alone photographed. The new kite flew well, as the wind picked up, and never really worried that the camera was in jeopardy of getting wet. "The Todd" showed up and helped me pull everything in.

For additonal images from this session, click here. (Including Verex Plaza, The Capitol, and Madison Isthmus.)

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