Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Business Cards

I was creating some luggage tags for my photography gear bags, and decided to try a new concept in business cards. This is along the same lines as the Moo cards, which allow you to have a different picture on the back of a number of cards, so they become more personalized. I took my standard card that I normally purchase from VistaPrint, and copied this to the front of a ID card stock. This card is the same thickness as your credit card or driver's license, so it's pretty bulky. However, I feel that this will make it stand out and look more professional. Currently, there are 13 different pictures from my portfolio that I'm showcasing on the back of these new cards. If I'm working with a prospective wedding client, I would probably give them a card with a wedding picture on the back. I really like how they turned out, and have gotten good response from friends and clients who have seen them. Since these are like collectables now, I'll probably print different pictures on the back of future cards, to keep them fresh and unique.

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