Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Self Portrait: Beard From KAP

After spending a few days in the Boundary Waters, I went for the rugged look and grew my first beard. Considering that I've made it 38 years without even attempting it is noteworthy. I shaved it off yesterday, and thought to myself that I didn't even take a picture of myself while I had it. Alas, I remembered that I got a picture of myself at the end of a Kite Aerial Photography session on the previous Sunday. By chance, KAP'rs who use autoKAP tend to get these types of shots when pulling the kite in. Since I don't have much hair left on top, I got many compliments on the facial hair, but decided that it just wasn't me. Maybe I'll try again in the winter when it's not so hot.

For images from the Sunday KAP session, click here.

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