Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Maximus: Boundary Waters!

I took my dog Maximus to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area last week in Northern Minnesota. Unfortunately, Max is afraid of the water and doesn't like to swim, so I was hesitant to take him and didn't know how he'd react in the canoe. Partnered with a new Sport Dog training collar to help persuade him to sit low in the canoe, Max figured out really quickly that staying down on the bottom of the canoe was the best action. It rained the entire first day, until we reached out campsite and set up our gear. The sun came out for a while, and Max decided to get warm by sitting on the top of the hill overlooking this private bay. It's one of my favorite shots from the trip, and I'm glad that I took him with.

For additional images from the Boundary Waters Canoe trip, please click here.

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