Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stitching w/ Photoshop

I had enough sequence shots from my photo session of the kiteboarders at Burrows park, that I tried to do some photo stitching. Now, Photoshop CS4 has a great automated tool for creating a panoramic from a group of digital pictures, using PhotoMerge. However, it has a hard time knowing ignoring the kiteboarder in the picture and trying to align the backgrounds only. So, I had to do this manually. The picture below is actually 10 different pictures merged together and using careful steps of masking each layer with the previous, and ensuring that the parts of the image you want to see come through. The shear size of this image was hundreds of Megabytes before compression. I think that it turned out pretty clean, and there really isn't much banding showing the difference between each image.

Here is another using only 4 pictures, and a different kiteboarder.

For more sequence shots, please visit the panoramic gallery at the m2 Photography website.

For more pictures and video of Madison Kiteboarders, please visit Kiteriders website.

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