Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rockin' "The Rock": Part I

I took my 1986 Ski Nautique to Janesville today in search of flat water to do some wakeboarding. Emily and Jason Smith met me there and we launched at about 10:30am. Maximus also came along for the ride, and was a great boat dog today. I grabbed my Camera bag, which ended up being almost as fun as the wake sports. Emily and I started taking turns taking pictures using the Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS lens on a Canon 5D Mark II. The three of us switched from Wakeboarding to Wakesurfing, snapping off 2841 pictures. I spent some time modifying and color correcting images tonight, and have posted my 125 favorites in the Water Sports Gallery. Emily also had a great time playing with the Camera, as it was probably the first time she's shot with a dSLR, let alond multiple lenses. She did great, and we got a bunch of great images. I thought I would showcase a few of my favorites in my photography blog.

Emily jumps with her eyes closed! Seems like a majority of the pics I took today of Emily jumping picked up an unusual habit, considering it's probably a good idea to see where you are going to land...

We also "Attempted" to do some wakesurfing. If you have enough weight in the boat, and you get the wake big enough, you're suppose to be able let go of the rope, and actually surf the wave without being pulled. I didn't have that much weight today, so we just played around on the Wakesurfing board. This shot is me pretending to get "In the Tube," but obviously there isn't much to get under.

Here's a close up of Jason charging the wake.

Maximus came with us, so I suppose that it's my Father's day treat, even though he's only a dog. We brought along his Doggles for a laugh and got a few poses. I'm also rarely in any pictures, as I'm the one usually behind the camera. I gave Emily a crash course on how to use a dSLR and what the focus point does, and Voila!

This might be one of my favorite shots of the day, and the perspective is alot different than the other standard images. Emily is wakesurfing and about to drop in off the top of the wake.

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