Monday, June 15, 2009

Madison Captiol View Triathlon

The UW Lifesaving Station volunteered to send over a contingency of Rescue staff to work the Capitol View Triathlon in Madison again this year. We left our pier at 6:30 AM, picked up some rescue boards, and motored over to Governor Nelson State Park for the start of the race. Here are some shots from the event.

Getting Instructions before the start.

One of the swim buoys marking the path for the Olympic 1500m swim. The water was calm with no wind. Perfect conditions for the swim.

One of the triathletes rounding the first marker swimming strong.

Only one swimmer did not complete the swim in the alloted time period. The person gave tremendous effort, and would have made it in about 10-15 more minutes.

The Lifeguard and rescue volunteers.

Verallyn Cline was my Water Safety Instructor in 1991 at the SERF at UW Madison. Since I had just finished her class at UW, and since she was the person who administered the Lifeguard test for the UW Madison Piers, I was able to get a job working at the UW Lifesaving Station as a lifeguard in 1992. Even after all of these years, she is still active in the American Red Cross, and volunteers for the Triathlon each year. Last year, the conditions were not favorable, and the winds were much stronger. At least 1/2 dozen people needed to be rescued in that race, and Verallyn lept off the front of a rescue boat without hesitation. She has been retired for a number years from UW, but still teaches. Amazing, and thought I would post how thankful that she was my instructor which lead to me the best job I've had.

More pictures from the Capitol View Triathlon can be found here, at the m2 Photography Website under the Sports Gallery.

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