Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Milwaukee Art Museum Kite Aerial Photography

I was near Milwaukee yesterday, and the wind was strong enough that I decided to go down to the lakefront and try and capture some aerial images of the Milwaukee Art Museum. There is a lawn directly to the south of the museum and the wind was blowing SSE. This is an important part of the story. The sun was setting and the light was going down fast, and it started out a bit gusty. I flew the kite with the camera long enough to get about 150 pictures of the museum and the Milwaukee skyline. Eventually, the Museum security came out and politely asked that I fly somewhere else. I was already taking my kite down at the time, and offered to show him the images on the camera. He was more concerned about flying over the museum, and referred to some balloons getting caught up there once. I didn't want to try and educate this man on wind direction and safety precautions involved in Kite Aerial Photography, so I let it go and packed up my stuff. Basically, I never flew directly over the museum. The kite and camera was positioned over the lawn, and briefly out over the water. I had gotten the images that was out there to get in the available light that I had, so cooperating with the security was the best choice. His suggestion was that I go fly down at Veteran's park, which was about a mile away. Apparently, the idea of capturing images from a new perspective wasn't something that the Art Museum was willing to promote, at least on their grounds. I did send an e-mail to the curator of photographs with links to the images I captured, and explained what KAP is. In the future, I'll wait for a wind direction of SE, so I can stand out on the breakwater and fly towards the museum from over the water. Here is a shot from last nights session:

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