Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lehmann Mansion Aerial Photos

I had some time at lunch today, and since the wind was going the right direction for this location, I decided to try and get some aerial kite shots of the Lehmann Mansion. I see the entry to this every day when I drive home for work, and always thought it would make a great Aerial shot, given the landscaping surrounding the main building. Apparently, this is a popular wedding and event location, and can be rented by visting The small lake in the background is called Sun Lake, and is part of the Sun Lake Forest Preserve, which is part of the Lake County Forest Preserves. This is my second attempt at capturing the Lehmann Mansion, and both days the wind was kind of fluky. Today, it was a little strong and gusty. The ideal conditions for capturing this property would be straight west at about 13-16 mph. The first time I tried, I got my work shoes all muddy and it rained the entire time I was out there.

You can find more images of this gallery in the Business Aerial section of the m2 Photography website.

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