Friday, April 24, 2009

Panoramics, PhotoMerge, and Mauna Kea

I was testing the features of Adobe CS4 by using the PhotoMerge, and remembered that I took a series of shots when I was on the top of Mauna Kea in Hawai'i a couple of years ago. Normally, you need to stitch these photos together manually and try to line up and blend all of the images without seeing any photo fragments, and is very time consuming. Not so with PhotoMerge. There is even a shortcut menu in Adobe Bridge directly to PhotoMerge. Here are a couple of quick examples, that I also posted to a new panoramic Gallery.

I do need to get a better, non-intrusive watermark for photos that I'm sharing on the blog. If you click on each image, it will take you to a larger version on the m2 Photography website. Now that I know that it is extremely easy to make amazing panaoramics with Photomerge, you'll start seeing a lot more being posted any time I go somewhere interesting. The cool thing is these shots were taken with a point and shoot camera, so I'm really looking forward to trying this with a dSLR.

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