Sunday, April 26, 2009


I was doing some research on volunteer organizations for photographers and came across one called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep. This is an organization that helps overcome the grief and pain of losing a baby shortly after childbirth by offering photography services by professional photographers at no charge. The photographers volunteer their time to capture a terminal baby and family while the child is still in the hospital. Knowing that you're child is going to pass has to be devastating enough, but to have the courage to have a stranger come and take intimate photographs during some final moments is difficult to imagine. I suppose that if you think about the emotions and need for healing after the fact, and what these type of images will do for the families, it is very noble for these photographers to do. A friend who works as a Physicians Assistant thought this was sort of morbid, and I explained that if she was someone who only had a small amount of time with their newborn before it died, wouldn't you want something, anything, to cherish years later? I was so heartbroken by their marketing presentation, that I instantly wanted to sign up. However, I'm thinking that this sensitive type of work needs plenty of thought before jumping in. I congratulate those volunteers who do this for families in need. Hopefully, m2 Photography will be able to help and be accepted into the program.

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