Saturday, January 7, 2017

eMotimo Spectrum ST4 Wiring for 3rd Party Stepper Motors

I recently upgraded from the  eMotimo TB3 black to the new Spectrum St4. Although the products are from the same company, the interface to the stepper motors is different. I have built a number of custom projects that work with the TB3, like 2 rovers, a rotating turn table, and zoom adjustment rig.  I also have a 6 foot slider that I'll use with motors purchased directly from eMotimo. In order for the St4 to work with the 3rd party stepper motors that I purchased online from, I had to purchase a bunch of new interface plugs. I don't have an exact part number for these, as I acquired mine from eMotimo directly with my purchase of the Spectrum St4. If I had to guess, I would say it's a 4 pin aviation connector of some type.

Here is an image of the wiring for the new plug that ships from eMotimo for the motors that they sell with the wiring connections exposed.

Here is the connector that is specific to the stepper motors that eMotimo sells. Luckily, the 3rd party motors that I have use the same color wiring.  

For the TB3, the wiring on the Molex jumper connector is not the same colors, so you would use this as your conversion.
        • Black Motor –> Black jumper
        • Green Motor –> Red jumper
        • Blue Motor –> Orange jumper
        • Red Motor –> Yellow jumper
For the Aviator plug to be used with the St4, here is how I soldered the connections:

The only thing I did differently than the cables that eMotimo provides is put a little heat shrink on each cable after I soldered them.  (Make sure you slide the heat shrink on the cable before soldering it!)

Here is the completed cable after replacing the old molex connector.

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