Thursday, May 22, 2014

DIY Floating Wall Mounting Blocks

Save money by making your own floating wall mounting blocks for aluminum metal prints

The 2014 Art Fair season is almost here, and I'm making last minute preparations.  I ordered a number of aluminum metal prints to add to my collection, but didn't order them with mounting blocks.  It adds an additional ~$8.50 per metal print depending on vendor, so I decided to try and save some money by making my own floating wall mounting blocks.  I already have a plunge router, so all I really needed was the router bit, template, and template guide.
I had a 8' x 3" poplar board, and used the Rockler picture hanging keyhole template to create the floating wall blocks.

You'll also need a 5/8" router template guide for the template to work.

A plunge router works best if you have the router plunge depth set properly before your first cut.

I cut about 16 larger size blocks, and a few smaller ones.  I cleaned up the edges with some sandpaper, and they were ready to mount.

Using the double-sided tape, I stuck the new blocks to the back of each metal print.  

In the long run, this method will save me a ton of money.  For this batch, each block cost less than $1.50 each.  I made a few extra blocks for future metal print purchases.


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