Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Rover is kind of a big deal...

I've had a few opportunities to test the eMotimo TB3, as I want to ensure that when I really need to set up a time lapse sequence, that I know what I'm doing. The TB3 makes it really simple, as I've used it on a tripod, on a slider, and my DIY time lapse rover.  Below you will see some preliminary examples of me setting up the TB3 for time lapse sequences.

 TB3 on a Tripod only using pan and tilt, no 3rd axis, from the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

Holy grail sunset time lapse testing with Dynamic Perception StageZero dolly, on my front porch

Time Lapse Rover testing at the Milwaukee Art Museum.
The rover traveled over 90 feet on this sequence.  The goal was to have the rover hit the mid-point when the Milwaukee Art Museum's wings on the Quadracci Pavilion opened up.  Unfortunately, the winds were too high for the Burke Brise Soleil to open.  Since there weren't many clouds, and the signature wings did not open, this time lapse is a bit boring.  However, it was still good practice and I let the rover span the almost 100' arc in just over 2 hours.  What I did discover is that even though the rover is low to the ground, it doesn't escape movement caused by the wind.  Being virtually next to Lake Michigan, the winds were above the 23 mph threshold for the wings to open, and caused some shake to the camera on the rover.  I'm definitely going to attempt this sequence again, hopefully with better conditions.  The wings open at 10:00am, close and open again at 12:00pm, and then close at 5:00pm.

I also put a GoPro on the front of the rover to capture the arc across the cement in front of the museum.  Not too exciting, but definitely shows when the rover in motion, and this camera isn't even linked to the TB3.

One other interesting tidbit is that many people stop to ask about the rover.  I politely try to explain what I'm doing, and people smile bewildered.  You'd think that with the sound of the shutter, and a camera mounted to the rover it might be common sense for people to not stand right in front of it.  Apparently not.  One person even made the comment, "That is the coolest photography accessory I've ever seen!"  I know, the rover is kind of a big deal!

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