Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Roller Derby All Access!

I have a friend who has been doing roller derby for a few years, and I asked her to get me a media pass for one of her bouts this year.  I've shot a roller derby event before, and it's a lot of fun.  This time, I didn't just bring my dSLR cameras, but stuck a GoPro on the helmet of one of the skaters.

The Quad Squad is a team on the Madison Mad Rollin' Dolls roller derby league, and they asked me to follow them around before the event and capture their routine.  The GoPro HD Hero 3 footage was easy, as that was recording almost non stop for the entire day.  I knew that I'd be putting together an Animoto video of the images, video, and time lapse sequences, so I always reminded myself to get as many different angles as possible.  Here is the result:

Still Images:

Derby women are creative in their uniforms and style, so capturing their persona is key for good images.  


Skaters are almost always in motion.  You can set your ISO high and try to get a crisp shot with high shutter speed.  I tend to experiment and get the girls in motion.   You don't always get a clean shot, but the ones that come out really give that sense of speed.


Having a long lens on a cropped sensor is also important to get great actions shots.  There is a lot of rough action in Roller Derby and they can be pretty intense.

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