Monday, January 14, 2013

Photographing Art

I had the honor of visiting Mike Chamberlin's workshop in Verona, Wisconsin where he creates his amazing art.  I met Mike last summer while doing the Art Fair OFF the Square, and I agreed to come capture some of his work.  I had some grand ideas of doing time lapse, and motion to showcase how well his work displays light and an almost holographic property.  He also wanted images of himself creating the art, which was fun to observe.


A while ago, I created a set of DIY Joby skates as a project to create smooth motion while using video.  I acquired a real set of Cineskates and finally found a project that I could test them with.  In order to see how the art changes in different lighting, I used the motion of the GoPro on the Cineskates to roll past the art.  Fun!

Red LED Flashlight and Time Lapse

I also tried a technique where the camera did not move, but I used a Red LED flashlight to change the lighting on the art, and then put all the images together into a video loop.

I uploaded some of the images to Animoto to create a video for his website.  Please note that some of the images in this video are not taken by m2 Photography, and are owned by  

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