Saturday, November 24, 2012

Aluminum Tripod Strap Mount for Kite Aerial Photography

I sort of went crazy ordering some aluminum mounts after I got my new GoPro Hero 3.  This one arrived today, and looks to be one of the most versatile mounts for the GoPro available.  Not only can you use 1" straps to attach this to anything, but it has 4 holes to screw it into a board or ski's.  Not only that, it has a standard 1/4" threaded screw hole on the bottom to attach this thing to pretty much any standard tri-pod, mono-pod, Gorilla-pod, etc.

Grab a Brooxes picavet and camera keeper, along with the GoPro J-mount and Frame, and you have a Kite Aerial Photography rig that can point straight down or angled.

I plan on using this mount in many ways, but thought I would post the KAP version here.  So many fun ways to use these cameras!  I hope to use this specific mount for Wakeboarding, Kiteboarding, Snowboarding, Snowkiting, Dog Mount, Ice Windsurfing, Hiking, Wakesurfing, KAP, and Time Lapse!

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