Thursday, August 23, 2012

Milwaukee Domes Time Lapse

I've been addicted to time lapse sequences lately.  I think that they are an easy way to improved the quality of a fusion video, and can be fun to make.  Normally, I'm already somewhere taking pictures, why nt use a secondary camera to capture a unique time lapse sequence.  Whether it's from a little GoPro HD Hero 2 camera, my Sony NEX-5, Canon G11, or 5D Mark II, I have the ability to use an intervelometer.

I think that adding motion also increases the interest in any time lapse video.  Either using a Lawn Sprinkler timer with the GoPro, Automate with a bigger dSLR, or my custom built slow-motion dolly, there are tons of ways to create motion in your time lapse.

This past weekend, I had a booth at the Milwaukee Domes Art Festival.  I primarily used the GoPro HD Hero 2 buy mounting inside the tent, up on a custom Pole Aerial Photography rig, or outside of the tent.  Getting different perspectives is also a way to retain interest in your video.  Particlarly cloudy days are nice if you can get mice movement in the cloud formations.  At the Domes Festival, I used at least 7 different locations to capture time lapse sequences.  Here is the final result:

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