Monday, April 9, 2012

Case for Organization: Harbor Freight!

I recently started working on building a custom case for my MultiWiiCopter Y6 copter. This road case uses components from Reliable Hardware, and took a lot more effort than I originally anticipated. A few months ago, I stumbled into my first Harbor Freight store, as I had seen a few people posting online about some cheap cases to store equipment in. I purchased one of their briefcase style Aluminum cases with customizable foam inserts, and put some of my miscellaneous photography equipment in there.

I quickly realized that I had more gear than would fit in the new case. In addition to a Pelican 1650 case, and a couple of photography backpacks, I didn't have a great place at home for some of my gear. I tend to put things in and out of the pelican case depending on what I'm shooting. For organizations' sake, I decided to pick up a few more of these cheap Harbor Freight cases to decrease some of the clutter. The "pick-n-pluck" foam allows you to customize the case for each piece of equipment.

This is the new KAP/PAP case and will keep my Aerial rigs safe during transport.

Even picked one up for my quad practive copter. Perfect fit with the transmitter.

Finalized the customization by creating vinyl labels for each case so I would know at a glance what was inside.

For $24.99, there cases are an incredible value and can protect your cameras or almost any miscellaneous camera gear.


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