Saturday, January 7, 2012

DIY: Photo Booth - Bad Holiday Sweater Party

Part VII: Bad Holiday Sweater Party

In order to ensure that the Photo Booth was operational for the New Year's Eve wedding, I arranged to test it out at a Bad Holiday Sweater party. This not only was valuable in creating a run through on transporting the booth, but setting up and configuring the lighting and photo booth software.

The party had a number of kids who were able to figure out the booth in only a few seconds, which was great news for the arcade buttons ease of use. It only took about 20 minutes from the car to get it fully set up inside. It was not only fun, but this preparation ensured that the wedding would go smoothly. The Breeze Systems software worked great, as I was able to create custom screens specifically for the Holiday get together.

This is the Screen that is enabled when "Live View" is off. I programmed the black arcade button to switch to this mode when the booth was not being used.

This is the background screen while the booth is idle, but in Live View mode. The 5D Mark II Canon camera displays the users in the booth in mirror mode, so it looks like a mirror.

There are a number of screens that are displayed in sequence before each picture is captured. I had the booth configured to take 4 images, so I made 4 different backgrounds.

Since it's natural for users to watch themselves on the screen, I created a background to display 1 second before the images is captured to remind them to look up at camera.

After the 4 images are captured, this is the processing screen that displays to the users. The Breeze system software can be customized with optional screens, and allows the booth to be tailored specifically for the event.

Here are a few results.

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