Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GoPro HD Hero Conquers The Rock!

I left the house on Sunday morning with thunderstorms rolling through the area, and heavy down pouring rain on my way to Janesville, so I opted to keep my more expensive photography gear at home. Instead, I only brought my GoPro HD hero tackle box filled with accessories. The weather cleared and we had an incredible day wakeboarding and attempting to wakesurf on the Rock River. I had 2 GoPro HD Hero cameras going almost the entire day, some capturing video and sometimes get time lapse sequences. I used a combination of mounts including the Bike seat post mount for the rope handle, the roll bar mount for the wakeboard tower, DIY Chesty, and the motor sports mount to suction cup the camera to the stern of the boat. Upload the vids to Animoto, and voilĂ !

Click on Image Below to Watch Video
Wakeboarding / Wakesurfing on the Rock River: Shot Exclusively on a GoPro HD Hero Camera  © Copyright m2 Photography - Michael J. Mikkelson 2011. All Rights Reserved. Images can not be used without permission.
Shot exclusively on a couple of GoPro HD Hero cameras!

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