Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bacon Tenderloin Explosion with Cheese!

2nd Annual Bacon Celebration Day, 2011

Bacon appreciation day was marked with the completion of another modified Bacon Explosion, this year cooked on a smoker for 5 hours. We took some liberties from the classic recipe and added a tenderloin to the middle with Jalapenos, Feta, and Pepper Jack cheeses. We didn't have a smoker to cook it in last year, so we used the oven and finished off on the grill to crisp up the lattice bacon exterior. This year, we could do it up right with the addition of a smoker and Hickory chips for flavor.

Here is our 2011 Bacon Explosion, and it was glorious, epic, and "unbelievable."

Starting off with 2lbs of bacon, interweave the strips of bacon into a lattice.

If you have multiple people, the second person should fry the remaining strips.


Add a touch of seasoning salt.

Take the Italian Sausage and spread evenly on top of the bacon.

Spread some Jalapenos and press into the sausage.

Take the bacon cooked earlier, crumple into small bits, and spread over top

Add crumbled Feta

Lay pork tenderloin along leading edge, and add Pepper Jack cheese for filler.

Add some BBQ Sauce to taste...

Roll Bacon Explosion into log to seal in the goodness.


Add a touch more seasoning salt to the outside

Proud Papa!

Ready to go on the smoker for a few hours.

Since the "Explosion" will take a few hours to cook, we cooked up some additional pork items as appetizers to keep the spirit of Bacon Celebration Day going

Side-Pork and some left-over Italian Sausage meatballs

Ok, back to the smoker after about 4 hours...

We cut into it to make sure it was cooked all the way through. It was still extremely juicy on the inside, so we thought another hour couldn't hurt

The final bacon log is ready to eat after 5 hours on the smoker.

The majesty of the inside of the Bacon log...

Steve's first bite of the Bacon Tenderloin Explosion. I think that his expression tells all.

Truly epic once again.

The addition of Tenderloin, Jalapenos, and different cheeses was a fantastic addition, and we plan on experimenting even more next year for the 3rd Annual Bacon Celebration Day!

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